Kickstarter pre-launch page is live!

|16/01, 2021

Kickstarter pre-launch page is live!

Proud to finally be able to present the worlds first: ⬇️

Smartphone Rig With A Fully Integrated Wireless Charger. 🎥⚡

➡️ Did you ever run out of batteries at the wrong time?

➡️ Are you creating content while on the go?

⚡We have a proven concept, a design that works and a battery which will keep you going all day.⚡

A game changing smartphone rig which will revolutionize the way we charge our phones while creating content out on the field.

⚠️ Imagine yourself, that you never have to worry again about the charge left in your phone.

⚠️ Swap out batteries in a matter of seconds, just like on a DSLR camera.

We have come a far way with this project, and finally we have our project reviewed and accepted. A big thanks to the team over at @kickstarter for acting so swiftly.

And to the team in Sweden, all experts which have helped us and to all of our suppliers, YOU ARE THE BEST! We couldnt have done this without you, this has been a real team effort to say the least.


⚠️ Tap the "Notify Me" button, which you can find in our project page.


⚠️ Our project on @kickstarter will be open for backers in less than a week.

Now lets make this dream a reality!

❤ Thanks for all your continued support, we are doing this one for you

🌎 Lets continue our mission to supply new ground breaking solutions for smartphone users around the globe.

Stay safe,

/Team SV