Kickstarter is LIVE!

|27/01, 2021

Kickstarter is LIVE!

Click here in order to access our project on

- "A new, better way to charge your smartphone while out in the field."⚡

⚠️This solution is not present on the market today, where you can swap out batteries in a matter of seconds, and where you also do not have to worry about connecting your power bank to your phone with separate cables.

⚠️We are truly proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a short period of time, and we want to test the marketplace using Kickstarter, to see if we can make our dream a reality.

➡️ We have the confidence, knowledge and experience in order to bring this project to life (with the help of you).

Head on over to our Kickstarter page in order to back us today.

⚠️We also have some exciting Early bird specials for the first 50 backers, so dont miss out!

There will also be a giveaway of our "Filmmaker - Kit Pro", which will include the complete package together with our best selling lens.

➡️ This rig has been tailored made for all of you content creators out there.

We wouldnt have been here in the first place if it wasnt for all of you.

So when we now finally go live on KS, we want to extend a huge "thank you" to all of you! 

➡️Our project page will be updated regularly in order to show our progress, where we are and to make all of you a part of this great journey towards success! 

🎥⚡SV ASSETS is about to revolutionize the way vloggers, travelers & filmmakers charge their phones while creating content.

- “Power Up Your Smartphone Rig.”⚡

/Daniel Vallentin

Owner & Founder.