Indiegogo going live 7th September.

|7/09, 2021

Indiegogo going live 7th September.


The Indiegogo campaign is about to go live, the countdown has now officially begun.
 Pre-orders between 20- to 50% will be available from tomorrow,
 7th of September 2021.

The wait is almost over! Just one more day until THE SV RIG is here. 

Here is what is happening: 

Important details below.

  • The Release of THE SV RIG + CHARGER is a fact.
  • Campaign will be going live on Indiegogo September 7th, 2021.
  • Exact time for the release: 
    • 7.00 pm (CEST) - Tuesday 7th of September
    • 1.00 pm (EST)  - Tuesday 7th of September
    • 10.00 am (PT)  - Tuesday 7th of September
    • 1.00 am (CST) - Wednesday 8th of September
  • An separate email will be sent out to all of you who signed up for the early bird special.  
    (Will contain a link which will give you access to a 50-, 40- or 20% discount, depending on when you signed up) 

Engineered in Sweden.
Designed in Sweden.

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Its all happening now. 

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