Making proper progress with the project. Giving you all a sneak peak behind the scenes!

|20/01, 2021

Making proper progress with the project. Giving you all a sneak peak behind the scenes!

Hi everyone, Daniel Vallentin here from SV ASSETS AB. 

Just wanted to share some great news with you all. We are full speed ahead with our project and we are about 3-4 weeks from starting our tooling designs. 

It has been a hectic period these last few months, but we have a strong team that never gives in, both in- and outside of Europe. 

PROJECT UPDATE, 02.02.2021:

All the recent discussions with our suppliers (Both in Europe and in China) have lead to some small design changes to the original design.

This is normal for a R&D project like this, where you do not have all the answers from the start. 

In addition, we also took in some preiminary feedback from some of our partners - and this is what we came up with: 

Introducing the "Rig + Wireless Charger 2.0" 

SV Rig + Wireless Charger 2.0

In our mind, we think that we only made it better. Dont you think? 

We will try to highlight the main differences below, and we will also update our main project page so it will reflect the latest and greatest. 

  •  NEW FEATURE! Removable "side handles". Giving you the flexibility to assemble the handles as you please. 
  •  NEW FEATURE! Portrait mode. With the new design of the side handles, you can now shoot in protrait mode as well. 
  •  NEW FEATURE! Spring loaded upper clamp (Fixates your smartphone in the rig with ease)
  • Introduced 4 more cold shoes, and 6 additional 1/4" screws on the rig! 
  • A slightly new and more robust design that will last for decades to come. 
  • The counter weights in the handles now weighs in at around 400 gram / piece. We noticed that the counter weights needed to be little big bigger, in order to shift the Center Of Gravity of the rig in a better way when needed. 

As you might see, this is rendered pictures at the moment, the "real thing" will be showcased very soon, so stay tuned! 

And dont forget to pledge and support us if you like the idea. We are actually truly happy and forever grateful if you just wanted to share our project page on your social media. 

So get it out there and spread the word! 

/Daniel Vallentin

Owner & founder