Rig + Wirless Charger (Entering Pre-Production Phase)

|20/02, 2021

Rig + Wirless Charger (Entering Pre-Production Phase)

Hi everyone, we are back with an update! 

Our Kickstarter campaign hasnt been as successful as we wanted it to be, we made some mistakes along the way launching our campaign and learned alot in the process. 


Our project is still running at full speed, and right now we are looking for 2 new product testers which will join our product testing team. 

Apply for a position by writing a short description about yourself in the comment section in our post which you can find HERE

GENERATION 4 (Smartphone Rig + Wireless Charger, 6000mAh)

We have come a long way, and we are finally happy with the design. We have taken into account customer feedback, supplier feedback, external- & internal feedback into the design. 

In March we enter our "pre-production" phase, which means that we will produce a small series of Rigs. We are aiming for about 50-100 pcs to be produced during next month. 

These products, will be used for certification procedures, customer feedback and so on. In order to ensure that we dont miss out on anything before we hit serial production in May. 

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these already next month, then please apply for a position within our product testing team as mentioned before! 

And lastly, we also want to highlight that pre-orders will soon open on our website. www.SVoptics.com Our plan is to produce a smaller first batch of products  in May, which will be ready for shipping in June. Therefore, in order to lay your hands on one of these already in June, then we would highly recommend you to pre-order one as soon as you can! 

Then, what do you prefer?

1. Portrait mode
2. Landscape mode
3. Or full, blown out filmmaker mode

1. Portrait Mode

2. Landscape Mode

3. Filmmaker mode

How you want to create your content is up to you, we give you the possibility to change, adapt and modify your Smartphone Rig to whatever suits your needs.  

Take the next step within mobile filmmaking.


/Daniel Vallentin