UPRISING Series - Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max (Featuring THE SV RIG)

|14/07, 2021

UPRISING Series - Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max (Featuring THE SV RIG)

Writer Courtney G Jones has done it again, an exceptional series is coming. (And for those of you who didnt know, this is a mobile-made series!)

The story: 

Aliens have been here for several years, lording over humans... forcing them to facilitate the strip-mining of the planet. While the invaders hold children hostage to keep the working adults in line, a small group of rebels think they have figured out a way to show that the gods do bleed. Things, however, might not go as expected. 

We have had the pleasure at SV ASSETS to supply Courtney and the crew with some of our gear. THE SV RIG has been taken through its paces during the making of this series. 

A job well done! Huge work has been put into the making of this series. From SV ASSETS we would like to thank you for the opportunity to support the crew with some SV gear. 

Really looking forward to the official release of this series. Stay tuned!

"Welcome to Made On Mobile TV Remember... You don't need permission to create your vision. Go out there and shoot something with whatever you have in your pocket! Don't let NOT having the latest and greatest device be the excuse for not getting things done in 2021! Hit me at: Twitter: @IamCGJ or @MadeOnMobileTV Website: http://MadeOnMobile.tv"
- Courtney G. Jones

- Part of the crew from the making of UPRISING: The Series.