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SV ASSETS presents our CPL FILTER (A filter from the V2 series).CPL filters have never been used on mobile phones before, until now.Are you ready to stand out f

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SV ASSETS presents our CPL FILTER (A filter from the V2 series).
CPL filters have never been used on mobile phones before, until now.
Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Get the real "DSLR" feeling with your smartphone today.


The package includes:
✔. CPL filter (From the Pro series V2)
✔. Phone case (Choose your phone case from the drop down menu above)
✔. Hard case (for the lens)
✔. Universal Clip (for the lens, allows mounting on several different types of mobile phones)
✔. Microfiber cloth
✔. Lens protection

What is a circular polarization filter (CPL filter) and how is it used?

A circular polarization filter removes or reduces unwanted reflections from e.g. water, plastic, glass and metal surfaces. Thus, the polarization filter can be very useful if you are going to photograph portraits together with someone who wears glasses or when photographing cars, rivers or shiny objects!

The filter also gives the image a more “normal” color saturation and also improves the sharpness and contrast of the image. The filter is mainly used for landscape photography and especially in summer when the sun is shining brightly. A polarizing filter also provides the ability to have a longer shutter speeds when shooting running water in shining daylight. (Which is needed to get that long exposures darker)

The best benefits of CPL filters are:

Adjust the shutter speed and light sensitivity settings in video recordings just right to give you that "cinematic feeling".
For example: Using a shutter speed of 1/48 when you record with 24 fps is crucial. This is only possible to achieve with a filter (CPL, ND, etc) since you need to block as much incoming light as possible.

- Reduce / increase reflections!

The function of the polar filter is to eliminate reflections from shiny surfaces such as glass or water surfaces. In addition, a polar filter can give a deeper blue sky and make the white clouds appear stronger or more powerful.

What are you waiting for?
Save on both the environment and your wallet, do not buy a separate camera - upgrade the one you have instead.
- SV Optics.

- We highly recommended to use all our lenses together with the SV ASSETS dedicated phone case, for an even better experience.
- Images may differ from actual product.

- Our lenses is compatible with most smartphones on the market today
- An universal clip is always included with all our lenses.

- All products from SV ASSETS uses a 17mm thread on both the lenses and the phone cases

The list below is an example, and is not complete, if you didn’t see your phone in the list, please contact us, and we will get back to you with an definite answer:

- Samsung series S7 (All models), Samsung S8 (All models), Samsung S9 (All models), Samsung S10 (All models), Samsung S20 (All models), Samsung Note (All models)
- Iphone 5 (All models), Iphone 6 (All models), Iphone 7 (All models), Iphone 8 (All models), Iphone X (All models), Iphone 11 (All models), Iphone 12 (All models)
- Huawei P20 (All models), Huawei P30 (All models), Huawei P40 (All Models)
- Nokia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (All models)
- Xiaomi (All models)
- OnePlus (All models)
- GooglePixel (All models)