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SV ASSETS presents, Wide Angle (18mm) (A lens / lens from the V1 series).
Premium lenses have never been used on a mobile phone before, until now.
Are you about to stand out from the crowd? Get the real "DSLR" feeling with your smartphone today.

Save on both the environment and your wallet, do not buy a new mobile - upgrade the one you have instead.


The package includes:
✔. Wide Angle Lens (18MM) - PRO-SERIES V1
✔. Hard case (For the lens)
✔. Universal clip (For the lens, allows the user to mount the lens on different mobile phones)
✔. Microfiber cloth
✔. Lens cap
✔. Backlight protection

The advantages of the Wide Angle (18mm) lens from the V1 series:
✔.Increase your field of view up to 2x! *
- Take wonderful wide pictures of landscapes / City silhouettes / Group photos / and more!
Iphone X without lens -> Field of view ~ 64 degrees
Iphone X with lens -> Field of view ~ 126 degrees

✔.Our lenses promise low distortion, i.e. minimal "fisheye" effect in the images
✔. Built for professionals - every detail is carefully designed, to ensure the best possible experience
- Protective coatings on the optics that only can be found on optics for SLR / DSLR cameras
- Improved color saturation and contrast in your images
✔. Solid 17 mm aluminum thread on both phone case and lens, which gives a solid premium feeling.

The lenses from our PRO series are made of high-quality materials and high-quality optical glass. This sharpens the image, all the way to its corners, and enhances both color saturation and contrast.

Enhance your experience today with your phone, only with optics from SV ASSETS.
- By Content Creators, For Content Creators

- We highly recommended to use all our lenses together with the SV ASSETS dedicated phone case, for an even better experience.
- Phone case not included. Check out all our phone cases under Accessories.
- Images may differ from actual product.

- Our lenses is compatible with most smartphones on the market today
- An universal clip is always included with all our lenses.
- The list below is an example, and is not complete, if you didn’t see your phone in the list, please contact us, and we will get back to you with an definite answer.
- Samsung series S7 (All models), Samsung S8 (All models), Samsung S9 (All models), Samsung S10 (All models), Samsung S20 (All models), Samsung Note (All models)
- Iphone 5 (All models), Iphone 6 (All models), Iphone 7 (All models), Iphone 8 (All models), Iphone X (All models), Iphone 11 (All models), Iphone 12 (All models)
- Huawei P20 (All models), Huawei P30 (All models), Huawei P40 (All Models)
- Nokia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (All models)
- Xiaomi (All models)
- OnePlus (All models)
- GooglePixel (All models)

MACRO LENS (25MM - 10x)

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