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The year was 2017 when I, Daniel Vallentin finally decided to move to China for one year. 

With the soul purpose of finding the best supplier possible that could realize the dream I had together with tsome fellow colleagues. During 2018 we settled and had our home base in Beijing, where most of the action happen - and we began to traveling across the beautiful country of China. We learned alot, not only about factories and production of optics, but also about the rich culture and history that China has to offer. In the beginning of 2019 We decided to move back to Sweden, to finally formally start what we now call "SV ASSETS AB". 

Our logo (shown below) was not initially looking like this, but is a redesign of the exisiting one:
The blue and yellow colors symbolize the Swedish flag, and in the same time highlight the name of our founders - myself, Daniel Vallentin & Nina Solominova. 

During 2019 and 2020, we have been building relationships with Swedish and European retailers and trying to break into the Swedish and European market. We still have a long way to go, but our journey has just started - and we hope that you will join us for the ride. 

Our team here in Europe is slowly growing, and we want to get our idea and products out there - making peoples photography more enjoyable.  

What we have done is to primarily focus on premium optics, accessories & accessories for mobile phones. All our products are sold under our own brand S | ASSETS | V. Our lenses are compatible with (almost) all phone models on the market today, Samsung, Huawei, Iphone (Apple), Xiaomi, Pixel, Oneplus, Nokia, Sony, ZTE, etc. The lenses also fit perfectly with other similar mobile devices such as tablets, computers, etc. 

We offer our customers an "enhanced" experience with their mobile phone, our optics expand and improve the mobile phone's camera function, and allow the user to make better use of their creativity.

Also worth to note:
Why go buy a seperate camera or action camera? Save both money and the environment, upgrade your phone today.
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