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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the clip/ lens cause scratches on my smart phone/ tablet?

The clip from SV ASSETS has a silicone liner inside it, and an antiskid pad to protect the phone. The silicone liner together with the antiskid pad can effectively prevent scratches on your device. The design of the clip guarantees easy use.

2.   Will the flash still work when the lens is used?

Due to the bigger diameter of lens, the potential flash (stock mounted on the device) might not be able to function as intended. We recommend that you try to angle the clip in a different angle in order to achieve the flash capabilities if needed.

3.   Can the lens be used on the front mounted camera?

Yes, SV ASSETS lenses can be used on both the front and rear stock mounted cameras on your device.

4.   How to solve vignette/ blurry image issues?
Reason 1
The clip is being used with a phone case which is not from SV ASSETS product range.

Remove the phone case which is not a SV ASSETS product, and try to install the lens with the clip again. 

NOTE; highly recommended to replace the phone case with the compatible SV ASSETS phone case.
See our homepage for more information.

Reason 2: The clip with the lens is not aligned properly with the camera on your device.

Solution: Adjust the angle of the SV ASSETS lens clip, the lens needs to be mounted directly over the center of the camera on your device.

Reason 3: The settings on your smartphone is not adjusted to optimal settings

Solution: If your smartphone allows it, do the following:
1. Chose “Manual mode” in the camera settings.
(Can be called “PRO” or “ADVANCED” on different devices)

2. Chose as low aperture as possible
(Lower aperture -> Better focus overall in the image)

3. Turn the ISO setting down as far as possible
(I.e. < 100 ISO)

4. Change your picture “Ratio” setting
(The “Ratio” setting on a few devices (In the camera mode) is known to cause vignette issues/ blurry images on a few occasions. 

5. My smart phone has 2/ 3 cameras on the backside, is my smartphone compatible with your lenses?
The short answer is yes.
Our lenses from SV ASSETS is compatible with smartphones that has dual/ triple cameras in the back.
The reason why is because smart phones which has dual cameras does not need both in order to function. Typically, one of the cameras has shorter focal length, whilst the other one has a longer focal length.
When using our lenses with smart phones that has a dual main camera set up, we highly suggest that you make sure that you mount the lens over the camera which has the shorter focal length (I.e. wider angle, usually described as the “primary camera/ sensor” on the device).
Which means that it will work overall better in all conditions, especially in low light conditions.
Please write us an email if any further questions or concerns. 

Return Shipmentt

With accordance to EU legislation, all customers (within EU) is free to return the goods within 14 days after receival of the merchandise.

We will give you a full reimbursement within this time frame. 

  Full reimbursement
If you change your mind by any chance, you are free to send the products back to us within 14 days, starting from the day you received the products. 

  Return shipment
 We will support you along the way, making the return shipment as simple as possible. Providing you with all the necessary information. 

 Customer service
We strive to give our customers the best possible service and support.
Our goal is to make contact with each and everyone of you, and confirm if everything is as expected.