SV RIG + WIRELESS CHARGER - "With Fully Integrated Wireless Charging"

The 6000 mAh wireless charger can easily be swapped out for a new battery in a matter of seconds, just like you would do on a DSLR.
Giving you the confidence to finally be able to use your smartphone out in the field for a full day of shooting.

Take the next step within mobile filmmaking.

How you want to create your content is up to you, we give you the possibility to change, adapt and modify your Smartphone Rig to whatever suits your needs.

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"THE SV RIG" Features:

  • Integrated Wireless Charging - 6000 mAh (Max. 15W wireless charging output)
  • 1x 17mm thread
  • 1x Top Grip
  • 2x Horizontal grips
  • 2x counter weights
  • Easy cable management
  • 9x quarter inch threads
  • 8x cold shoes
    •  Width: From 62mm to 87mm
    • Length: All smartphones
    • Thickness: Up to 11mm
  • 99% of all Smartphones which supports wireless charging is compatible with our rig. 

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