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The SV RIG, this starter package includes everything you need in order to get started. Giving you the opportunity to create content - on your terms. The st

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The SV RIG, this starter package includes everything you need in order to get started. Giving you the opportunity to create content - on your terms. The starter kit bundle includes all the basic features, mount lenses to your SV RIG, attach any type of accessories to your SV RIG, etc.

The "SV RIG" Features:

  • 10x quarter inch threads
  • 4x cold shoes
  • 1x Lens mount (17mm thread)
  • 1x Side Clamp (V1)
  • Easy cable management
  • Unique, Swedish design
  • THE SV RIG will accommodate the following sizes of smartphones.
    • Width: From 64mm to 87mm
    • Length: All smartphones
    • Thickness: Up to 11mm
  • THE SV RIG will accommodate the following filter & lens sizes when mounted directly onto the cage: 
    • Up to 52mm in diameter
    • When mounting the filters directly onto your phone cases or lens, larger filter sizes can be accommodate .
      (Contact us at [email protected] if any questions)
  • 99% of all Smartphones which supports wireless charging is compatible with our rig. 

Included in the package:

‣ 1x The SV RIG
‣ 1x Side Clamp (V1)
‣ 1x Lens bracket (17mm thread)
‣ Product Manual

Introducing the all-new SV RIG + SV CHARGER, a game changing piece of gear for content creators on the move.

This Rig will enable you to create content on your own terms, attach any 3rd party accessories, including (but not limited to): Lights, Microphones, lenses, DOF adapters, lens support rail systems, filters, chargers, handles, Action cameras, etc.

The possibilities with this piece of gear are endless.

Are you a fan of shooting your videos in Vertical- or Horizontal mode?
THE SV RIG is designed to change & adapt to any given situation. Making it now possible for content creators to shoot in both a vertical set up or Horizontal set up - whilst still being able to use any kind of 3rd party accessories with ease. THE SV RIG does not compromise on the comfort, user friendliness or design. The Side handles & Top Handle can be mounted anywhere on the rig itself, the Counterweights is integrated into the Side handles, and the layout of interface points for 3rd party accessories is well thought out.

Ever felt that you need a bit of an extra charge to your phone?
Then the SV RIG will have you sorted out with its 6000mAh SV CHARGER (Wireless 15W), which is fully integrated into the SV RIG itself.

Only on: 

Take the next step within mobile filmmaking.


Our company was founded in late 2017, with one single thing in mind - to develop & create the best possible gear for Content Creators. 

This project has been running for about a year now, and the idea came to life in late 2019 when some of us got tired of constantly running out of charge while out creating content on our smartphones. 

With our product design (patent pending), we have solved this issue once and for all.

The wireless charger is fully integrated into THE SV RIG and can easily be swapped out for a new battery in a matter of seconds, just like you would do on a DSLR camera. Giving you the confidence to finally be able to use your smartphone out on the field for a full day of shooting.

The Rig, battery and all other accessories have been designed at our HQ in Sweden.
The great team which has made this all possible consists of people from all around the world - ranging from experts, partners, customers, suppliers and ourselves. 


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