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PLEASE NOTE! This is a pre-production batch and therefore 50% discount applies.This product may have minor cosmetic defects. _________________________

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This is a pre-production batch and therefore 50% discount applies.
This product may have minor cosmetic defects. 


- Is your rig not in balance? 
- Need to increase the stability of the SV rig with some extra weights?

COUNTER WEIGHTS for THE SV RIG. These counter weights is fully integrated into the SV Side Handles. 

(1x Counter weight can be mounted in each Side Handle)

Get your SV RIG in perfect balance while out shooting, weight: 270 gram, total ~540 gram. 

- Do you use an overhead Flycam? (Overhead Stabilizer)
Then these SV Counter Weights will definetly be something for you.
Use the increased weight of the SV RIG to your advantage with an overhead stabilizer. 

Total estimated weight (SV RIG, Smartphone, SV Side Handles and Counter weights included):
~1.5 KG

Included in the box: 
- 2x SV Counter Weights

- 2x 1/4" SV Screws
- Product manual

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