SV Optics. Premium Smartphone Accessories


For the professional / social media content creator. 

The PRO SERIES (V1) lenses is aimed towards professionals, as each detail in these lenses is carefully crafted and designed for the ultimate experience. Enhanced/ improved protective- & anti reflective coatings makes these lenses unstoppable. 
Buy it together with a phone case, and get the "full experience". Solid 17mm thread between phone cases and optics.

Wide Angle Lens (18mm) - PRO series (V1)
Up to 2x greater field of view (~110 degree field of view)

Fisheye Lens - Pro Series (V1)
Up to 3x greater field of view (~160 degree field of view)  - Loving GoPros? Then this is the lens for you.

Telephoto lens (60mm)- Pro Series (V1)
Create Flattering Portraits with the 2x magnification - Natural Bokeh effect (Background blur)

Macro lenses (25mm) - Pro Series (V1)
10x Zoom Factor - See the beauty in the little things.