The perfect lens for you!

|10/08, 2020

The perfect lens for you!

Hello guys!

My name is Ali and in this post, I will help you to choose the perfect lens for your photography style. Let's start with a brief description of the lenses!

In the last few years, the largest smartphone companies have been investing in cameras of their products. However, users also want thin phones, which greatly limits the size of the individual camera modules that can be used. Due to this and additional costs, they were not able to achieve excellent results, which is why smartphone lenses were born.

The first one that I want to present to you is a Wide angle lens. Personally I prefer this type of lens and I use it on every occasion for three reasons:

1. It's perfect for panoramic shots in nature and at the same time you can use it for street photography, thanks to filed of view 125 degrees

2. It allows me to take pictures of the buildings even up close

3. Enhanced colour saturation and contrast

If you are a person who likes this type of photography, Wide-angle is for you!

(Shot with the Wide Angle 18mm Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

(Shot with the Wide Angle 18mm Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

For those who are more interested in sport and action shootings or videos, Fisheye lens is the right choice! The advantages of this lens are:

1. You can shoot all around you until 160 degrees field of view

2. There are no blackboards  

3. Shoots don't lose quality 

 This type of distortion effect in the lens permits you to take special and unique shots.

(Shot with the Fisheye lens 8mm Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

(Shot with the Fisheye lens 8mm Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

Do you want to take super zoom photography without losing the quality? Are you a nature lover and you like the details? We have a solution for you - Macro lens! Here are three reasons why you should have it:

1. Optical 10x zoom 

2. Great in combination with any other lens (for zoom transition videos)

3. Quality image is superb

(Shot with the Macro lens 25mm (10x) Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

Telephoto is for sure "must-have"! I use it on various occasions for making portrait photography with bokeh effect. The three main characteristics of this lens are:

1. It's the 60mm lens

2. There is no distortion

3. It's the lens with 2x zoom factor

From weddings to adventure trips, telephoto is a great choice!

(Shot with the Telephoto 60mm Pro Series V1. Click HERE to secure yours now)

In the end, I want to present something for video makers - Anamorphic lens. For all of you, lovers of cinematic video and a special light effect here is a new best friend for your smartphone! Why?

1. Professional-grade 1.33X Anamorphic

2. The special effect when you shoot with the light

3. Perfect for cinematic storytelling, documentaries and capturing wide landscapes

Note: requires app or post-production editing that supports 1.33X anamorphic de-squeeze

It was never been so easy to make professional photos with your smartphone! 

Stay tuned and in the next blog find out how to use each of the lenses in a creative way.